Dear Neighbor:

I am truly excited to be running for Magisterial District Judge, Abington/Rockledge court 38-1-04. As a fellow resident of Abington Twp's Meadowbrook, I share your concerns about the lawfulness, safety, and security of our neighborhoods. It is disheartening to see too many families in our area affected by various crimes ranging from senseless vandalism, disorderly conduct, vehicles speeding through neighborhoods, to home invasions, burglaries, car break-ins, physical assaults, and worse.

Abington/Rockledge, WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE???  It’s time for change, starting with electing me, Chuck Keller, judge!!! As your newly elected judge, I pledge to be a better judge, devoting my full attention to this vital judicial role, actively engaging with our entire community you’ll appreciate me as your judge for my passion for justice and love for people, all people, though sometimes it’s gonna be tough love — and not the same kind of love we all have for the Campaign Cruiser.

As a person of faith, diversity, service, and duty, I’m a decorated Navy veteran, active Coast Guard auxiliarist, Montco notarial officer, nonprofit Civility Foundation volunteer, and Juris Doctorate candidate. I know the law, and understand the importance of sensible, reasonable conduct to ensure everyone a safe and secure community. I’m not a politician, my promise to you is that I will do my part to make Rockledge Boro and Abington Twp’s towns/precincts civil, lawful, and just places to live.

I urge my fellow Democrats and Republicans to join me in this mission by electing me to be Judge Chuck Keller when you cast your vote

Yours truly, 

Chuck Keller